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Flexible magnets (rolls, strips and sheets) are a type of magnet made from ferrite powder and rubber polymer resin. ... Our flexible magnet is available either plain or with a range of adhesive options including foam, rubber, acrylic, and double-faced. We also offer cutting, scoring, die-cutting, and custom magnetization.

Flexible magnets are commonly used for displays, signage, fixings and crafts, thanks to their ease of application and instant attraction. 













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Flexible ferrous iron sheet is made by mixing iron powder with synthetic rubber or plastic (CPE, NBR etc.). It is flexible and it has the characteristics of flexible magnetic sheeting. It is easily cut, bent, twisted, coiled, or machined into almost any shape without damaging it.

This product is not a magnetic material. However, it has excellent magnetic receptive properties and it behaves like metal which magnets can be attracted to. This product is treated as a metal base for flexible magnetic sheeting or other magnets.

For example, ferrous or steel tape is ideal for running around a wall so that magnets can be used to hang various items. While large ferrous sheets, used with magnetic dry-wipe labels are perfect for creating magnetic leader boards.

Ferrous iron sheet is a flexible rubber material that is infused with steel particles, while steel tape is very thinly rolled steel and although it is just 0.7mm thick it will give you a better attraction than ferrous tape.

  • Applications: white boards, educational products, etc.

  • Flexible, easy to cut or roll

  • Light weight

  • This product is available in plain brown, with adhesive laminate or vinyl laminate



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With Die Cut Flexible Magnet Sheets advertising specialities and promotional needs are easier than ever. These cost effective magnets are readily available in various shapes for pad or screen prints. No purchase of dies or jigs is necessary. 



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A dry mixture of ferrite powder and rubber polymer resin is mixed, calendared and ground then formed either by extrusion or rollers. The material is then magnetized, laminated with vinyl or adhesive, cut to size, rolled onto a core and boxed for shipment.


Attributes of Flexible Sheet -


  • Powerful - Supersaturated with magnetism in multiple pole patterns.

  • Durable - Easy to maintain. Permanent magnetism guaranteed.

  • Safe - Non-toxic, lead-and barium-free.

  • Wide Temperature Range - Withstands continuous exposure to temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 160 degrees Fahrenheit without demagnetizing.


Attributes of Flexible Sheet -


  • Made from Strontium Ferrous Oxide, K-resin (rubber) and some other trace elements.

  • They are extruded, injected or calendared.

  • They are often used in signs, promotional/decorative magnets and door seal applications because of their low cost.

  • Custom sizes available in 3-4 weeks. Stock sizes and price list available upon request by.




12 x 12 x 0.75mm (305x305).jpg
flexible sheet2.jpg


American Standard Flexible Magnetic Sheets are made by mixing ferrite magnetic powder with synthetic rubber, the size design follow American standard.




american flexible sheet.jpg


Flexible Metal Sheet is a magnetically receptive product that complements the line of flexible magnets and magnetic devices.  It works with all types of low profile magnets including ceramic magnets. It has many advantages over steel.













12 inch x 35 x 3.jpg



These magnetic strip covers a wide variety of magnet material.

The different categories are defined partly by the actual input magnet chemical constituents and partly by the magnet material manufacturing process. It is produced in strip or sheet by extrusion process. 



This colored magnetic tape is from 10mm to 600 mm wide and available in many different colours. It consists of strontium ferrite, the front side is laminated with light-resistant PVC. It can easily be cut to the desired length with standard scissors and labelled with pencil, pen or waterproof


high energy bonded magnet.jfif

High Energy Bonded Magnets are composed of a strontium ferrite powder mixture with polymer bonding.

The material goes through a calendering process and is formed into sheeting or strip. It can be easily machined to size and magnetized.


They can easily be used with most inkjet printers and plotters to produce magnetic graphics for posters, display boards and many other indoor images. Printed material lays flat and can be attached to most metal surfaces.

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