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Educational magnets are widely used in teaching and playing
Safe for human body, we produce it according to international safety standards, to make sure that every educational magnet is high in quality and safe for human body
Applications: bar and horse shoe shape magnet are used in physics education labs to show magnetic fields and also they can be used to pickup light metal substance such as clips and also use them to show the magnetic field lines when used with iron filings, so it widely used for teaching and playing by children.

We can provide various sizes of this magnet according to your requests


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Neodymium Magnets.jpg

High Energy Magnets are composed of a strontium ferrite powder mixture with polymer bonding.

The material goes through a calendering process and is formed into sheeting or strip. It can be easily machined to size and magnetized.


Red Alnico horseshoe magnets with steel keeper , 2" tall.

Red Alnico horseshoe magnet with steel keeper, 1, 1/4" tall.

Red ceramic horseshoe magnet. Poles marked "N" and "S", 1 1/2" long. Alnico bar magnet (3.5% chrome). Poles marked "N" and "S" , 6" long 

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